Aquarium form Peter and Carina Jonsson

The Tank has a size of:
n 1600 x 600 x 700 mm
Total Volume :
n 672 Liter Saltwater
n One Acardia doubble DE Lux Lighting System
n Two bowls a 250 Watt/TS Daylight
n Four Neon-tubes( Actinic blue/Osram L67/36Watt)
n Troptronic Moonlighttimer from 22.00 - 06.00 h)
n Lightinterval for HQI = 07.00 h)
n Lightinterval for Blue = 12.00 h)

    n DELTEC "Kalkreaktor" P 500
    n DELTEC "Kalkmixer" 500
    n DELTEC "Turbo Skimmer 1060"
    n SANDER "Waterfillsystem"
    n Cooler for 750 Liter
    n DELTEC "HLP Pump" 6000 Liter per hour
    n TUNZE "Turbelle" 4000 Liter per hour for the movement in the Tank
    Live Fish in our Tank:
    n 1 Zebrasoma Flavenscens,1 Zebrasoma Desjardini, 4 Ocellaris,2 Bangay Kardinalfish,1 Pterosynchiropus Splendidus (Mandarin), 1 Neocirrhites Armatus (red hawkfish), 1 Oxycirrhites Typus (Long Nose), 1 Arc eye (hawk fish), 1 Pseudochromis Paccaganellae, Approx 10 blue-legged hermit crabs, A lot of Trocus snails, 3 Bristal stars
    Invertebrates of our Tank:
    n 11 pcs Sacropyton, 1 pc Cladiella, 2 pcs Gorgonia, 2 pcs Montipora, 10 different Acropora, 6 coloni of Seriatopora Hystrix, 1 pc Pocillopora, 2 pcs Stylophora pistillata, 1 pc green, 1 pc red, 2 Turbinaria Reniformis, 1 big one, 1 small, 1 pc Turbinaria Mesenterina, 1 pcs Xenia(since I have 9 year now), 2 pcs Blastomussa Merleti, 1 pc Fungia, 1 pc Pachyseris Rugosa, 1pc Psammocora contigua, 4 pcs Porites. 3 pcs different Mushroom Anemones, 4 pcs Zoanthid Anemones, 2 pcs Blue coral, 1 pc Tridacna Daresa. 2 pcs blue Maxima, 1 pc Tridacna Squamosa and lot of more.
    Supplyments and Watertending of our Tank:
    n I change water approx 10% once a month with osmose water (HW standard typ 50).
    I use Reef Crystal Salt (Aquarium system).
    Jod from Aquarium Systems, according to the bottles recommendation. Also I add a strong strontium (Kent Marin) (pulver, I mix it myself 10% solution) according to recommendation. Finally I use Sera Marinvit

Do you have any question to Peter and Carina...please  sent a mail ( press bottle)